(Luar is a hard-to-translate Galician word meaning “Sunlight reflected by the Moon, which illuminates the Earth at night.” Can Luar is the place where we live, on the banks of the Corb River between the Comalada that separate the Conca de Barberà and from La Segarra, and this is where we make our craft beers.

What better place to make a beer than in the Segarra, where the basic ingredients for making a beer, wheat and barley, are an inseparable part of the landscape and the daily life of Segarrenca.

So, with natural ingredients (malted wheat and barley, hops, water and yeast) and following craft traditions we brew our beers.

An unfiltered natural beer, with the body given by the traditionally treated cereals, a bitter and intense aroma that is obtained from the different hops used in the preparation, and finally the key element, the fundamental ingredient to give the touch distinctive to beer Can Luar is the water of the Segarra, rich in minerals and filtered between blue margins, reddish clays and the hard limestones that give a special flavor as well as shape the landscape of these lands.

Can Luar beer offers six types of beer, each of them made with the intention of all tasters can find among them aromas and distinctive nuances that make them special and unique.
Six different types so that each taster can choose the beer that best suits their palate, and can enjoy the unique experience offered by Can Luar Craft Beer.)

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