All of our varieties of Can Luar beer are made in an artisan way and with natural ingredients, without additives, or preservatives, or colorings, some of them grown with our hands in the vicinity of the micro-brewery, hops, wheat and some special malt

Beers Can Luar does not filter or pasteurize its beers to maintain the pure state of the flavors of traditional beer.

Also, it is necessary to take into account that after its maturation at low temperatures the second fermentation or gasification is carried out in the bottle. All our beers have a rest of yeast from the second fermentation that is recommended to despise as much as possible to be able to enjoy a much more crystalline beer and without yeast masking the aromas and flavors that characterize each one of the varieties Can Luar.

All our beers are packed in a 33cl format. They are used in boxes of 12 units and their tastes can be combined to have a personalized box for each consumer. They are also presented in a pack of 7 units where the combinations are made to measure.

Beers Can Luar also offers the possibility of customizing the labels of their beers for those customers who want to make special orders.